Private Chef Services for catered events

Private Chef Services means "Chef for hire" and can be booked for a dinner for two on the beach or for a week long retreat for 20 people. You create the *menu(s) with Chef Adair, she arrives with groceries and prepares and serves at the venue of your choice. The key here is that the menu(s) are prepared "on location" for any number of guests. Wedding clients request event kitchens with a wood fire grill and their own private chef and culinary crew.

Private Chef Services can also include group & private culinary classes in your favorite kitchen or as a wine pairing dinner in your home with friends. If additional service staff is required all details will be arranged in advance.  

* Chef Valerie creates menus from seasonal ingredients sourced withing 100 miles of Anderson Valley.  She and the client design menu(s) that everyone will appreciate. and enjoy.

The process to book private chef services is simple:

  • After you've had a chance to look over our Things to Consider page you'll share your event date(s), vision and details with Chef Valerie. This is the best time to talk about your event budget.  
  • The client will receive a menu & service proposal which includes an estimate for the prepared food, service staff and any additional details.   Alterations are made until you love it.
  • All details are discussed and responsibilities defined for Chef Adair and the Culinary Origins crew in a catering contract.
  • A deposit amount and date for payment is determined and Valerie submits an invoice to the event contact person/host(ess)
  •  The deposit amount is paid via credit card or check on the date agreed and invoice signed/agreed to HOLD the event date(s).
  • Chef Valerie arrives with groceries and culinary tools on the event date(s) and prepares and serves the menu for your guests and cleans before leaving. 
  • The balance is paid at the close of the event via credit card or check and the Culinary Origins crew packs and leaves the event venue & kitchen cleaner then when we arrived.        

Planning a retreat? Consider hiring a Chef to provision and prepare all of the meals for your group.  A professional chef handles individual details and dietary requirements while you focus on connecting to the overall vision and building relationships.  

Please visit our Things to Consider page for some great event planning info.

Enjoy a variety of culinary slideshows posted below. 

Vegan clients love food prepared by their own Private Chef

Culinary class/dinner with friends...

Raw vegan culinary classes - slideshow invitation

Food that heals

Recipe slideshows inspiring self-healing

A wedding for 75 on a lush private property at the end of a long country road. We used all local ingredients and everyone enjoyed their favorite foods on an endless buffet.