Retreats - Groups 


  • Valerie will design an individualized menu plan for each group, each day they wish to hire a retreat Chef. Paleo, Vegetarian, Raw/Vegan or just good ol’ Comfort Food. You may want a Chef for selected meals or on certain days. Please share your vision and budget with Valerie. 
  • A breakfast can be anything from fresh juicing and sprouted granola to a complete Farmer’s Market Brunch with local eggs and bacon and all the fixins.

  • Lunch options range from a salad bar, soup and local breads to a seasonal antipasto selection of local vegetables, cheeses & charcuterie.

  • We can even set-up a self serve beverage and “craft services” table, of healthy snacks, throughout the day.

  • Dinner menu options are endless from light small plates to a five course meal with wine pairings.

  • Some retreat groups prefer a variety of small meals & juicing throughout the day for ease of digestion and mental clarity. Valerie is an experienced raw/vegan chef

  • Gift bags and baskets can be created for each retreat guest.  We'll combine local products and create welcoming gifts for everyone on your list.


Listed below are the average costs for a local meal here in Anderson Valley, just to give us an idea of what is available. Food costs will vary depending on the details of client menu requests and their budget. Valerie designs the menus based on the client’s vision, quotes food costs and the retreat client pays for groceries and a daily private chef rate. Valerie prefers to source local ingredients and provision the kitchen for the retreat meals she will be preparing.

Average prices for a local meal here in Anderson Valley

Breakfast    $10 - $15 per person      3 meals a day averages $45. to $85. per person per day

Lunch         $15 - $20 per person         

Dinner        $20 - $50 per person

It is customary for a retreat chef to quote food costs and a daily rate for private chef services. To prepare and serve three meals for 10 to 15 people can average 10 to 12 hours daily. From morning tea & coffee service to after dinner “clean up” is a continual flow of preparations, cleaning and organizing. Private Chef daily rates are determined by the complexity of the client menu requests and service style and it’s details.

The daily Chef rate added to the estimated daily food costs divided by the number of retreat guests will give organizers an expectation of what they will pay per person, per day.

Retreat Chef - Daily Rates are determined by the complexity of the menus and hospitality details

$400. per day ÷ 15 people will cost $27. per person, per day

$450. per day ÷ 15 people will cost $30. per person, per day

$500. per day ÷ 15 people will cost $34. per person, per day

A grocery estimate can be determined after planning retreat menus.