Chef at Sea - wooden yacht charters

The freshest seasonal and local ingredients became our delicious daily menus and added to our conversations, igniting stories peppered with artful metaphors.  While our guests played on a day trip, I'd provision the galley and start a fire on the beach.  Dinner was always served just before sunset. Families, dear friends and groups of all types cruised with us through some of the most beautiful wilderness in the San Juan Island chain and island hoping the Straits of Georgia in Canadian waters.  A doorway opened to paradise, through the fog was another world.  By Valerie Adair

Valerie, you are a marvel. I greatly appreciate your presence on board and your gracious ways in the galley. You embody the spirit of Carmelita and have helped to make many peoples journeys extra special and memorable.                                                                                    Peter  Owner/Captain  are truly the most creative person I know! All of the great food so beautifully displayed each day of our charter. The food was delicious the the presentations, perfect!                                                                                                                          Owners of the Friday Harbor House, San Juan Island